Action Figure Diorama Novels

Plastic Alien Fighters is a webcomic, (Articulated Comic Book Art, fumetti, photocomic, action figure graphic novel, diorama novel, dio-novel, picture book, or whatever you want to call it.) by Den Warren. Anyway, you have to open it to see what is in it.

Episode 1 Title Page




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Click the Systrontek webcomic above for 1:18th scale action figure humor in a corporate setting.


Lucid Cover with Award

Check out one of many FREE novels you can download by Den Warren. This award winning cyberpunk young adult story has action, humor and a strong message.


Published by Others . . .

End of Days  (by Keenan) is a great action figure webcomic featuring a lot of GI Joe figures who are fighting Cobra factions and zombies. There are 50+ episodes. I have read quite a few of these action figure webcomics, and this one is my favorite.

Want to be an “Action Figure Actor” in the Plastic Alien Fighter Series? Click here for more information.


Author: Den Warren

Author of Christian Apologetics Articles. Also Dystopian Novels and Humorous Fantasy and Superhero Novels. Also short stories.

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