Making Your Own Photo Webcomics: How to Use Green Screen Technology on Manga Studio 5

Den Warren

I am writing this because I couldn’t find anything like it on the internet for Manga Studio 5. Manga studio 5 is a low-cost platform for drawing.  And also I would like to promote the creation of Action Figure Webcomics by others, because I think it would be fun to read them and compare notes.

I bought a Huion Graphics tablet, which I like, and I got my copy of Manga Studio 5 for $40. I did this before I had the idea to make my own action figure webcomics. I was drawing superheroes for the cover of my novel “Metahuman Wars”. This program has  lot more capabilities that I will never teach myself. There are other graphics editing programs out there, but this is what I use and can tell you about. I also use Microsoft Excel, which I have a lot of practice on. I do the word bubbles and fonts in Excel, although I am sure you could do the whole thing in Manga Studio 5.

In making my webcomics, I fully expected to build dioramas and photograph the figures in miniature buildings, etc. Then I wondered if I could do something for backgrounds in my Manga Studio 5. If you look at my webcomic: Plastic Alien Hunters you will see how I was able to do more and better for each successive episode. Now I can quickly make the comics.

The next step is to setup a mini-studio. Dioramas can be made there. Also you can put fluorescent green or some other distinctive contrasting colored poster board up as a background. This studio should be well lit so the details of the figures will show up.

Take pictures of the actual backgrounds you want to use.

Take pictures of the figures in the mini studio with poses and angles you want them to be in while on the background photos you took. You don’t have to use action figures. You can use photos of actual people in action poses. It is ten times easier if they are standing in front of a solid colored, contrasting background. Just don’t look at the camera.

Open up Manga Studio 5.

Click on File/New then set a plain white background.

Click on File/Import/Image to import your background.

Click on File/Import/Image to import your green screen action figure photo. On the Navigation bar on the right, the image must be on top of the background. In the navigation bar highlight the image. Then on the “Layer” pulldown menu click “rasterize”, which will allow you to edit your photo.

Using the Auto select tool, which looks like a wand with an explosion on the end, tap a section of the green anywhere. A section will be highlighted. Then on the menu below the image you will see an icon that says “Clear” when you mouseover it. Thick it and the green will disappear like magic, revealing the background!

You keep clicking with the Auto Select tool and clicking the Clear icon to get rid of the bulk of the green screen. Then you click on the eraser tool to get rid of the little stuff that didn’t disappear. If you play with it, you will get better at it.

After the green screen is gone, you can click on the “scale up, scale down, rotate” icon to resize and locate your image on your background.

Please click the contact page to ask any questions, such as how I did something on the comics.




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