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Plastic Alien Fighters is a webcomic, (Articulated Comic Book Art, fumetti, photocomic, action figure graphic novel, diorama novel, dio-novel, picture book, or whatever you want to call it.) by Den Warren. Anyway, you have to open it to see what is in it.

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Click the Systrontek webcomic above for 1:18th scale action figure humor in a corporate setting.

Lucid Cover with Award

Click the book cover above to get a free download of my cyberpunk novel.

You can see my sequential art webcomic site by clicking on the comic below:

Doofoids - Romance Novelist #4

Romance Novelist #4

Check out one of many FREE novels you can download by Den Warren. This award winning cyberpunk young adult story has action, humor and a strong message.

Finished Comic #1


Published by Others . . .

End of Days  (by Keenan) is a great action figure webcomic featuring a lot of GI Joe figures who are fighting Cobra factions and zombies. There are 50+ episodes. I have read quite a few of these action figure webcomics, and this one is my favorite.

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